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PCDOCK 2 Ebony

PCDOCK 2 Ebony

PCDOCK 2 Ebony

2 Monitor Stand, Ebony Edition
Transform Your Desktop Experience

The PCDock2 riser isn't just a regular monitor stand; it's a captivating fusion of gaming and aesthetics, tempting you to upgrade your desktop.

Magical Lighting for an Exceptional Experience
Enhance Your Entire Desktop with Light Charisma

The Divine Light Sync of the PCDock2 riser synchronizes lights with music, creating a unique atmosphere that aligns with your display. Optional extended light strips add extra charm, shaping an extraordinary space.

Red Light
Red Light
Blue Light
Blue Light

Effortless Light Control
Customize Exclusive Lighting Effects

Effortlessly control and customize lighting effects with the PCDock2 riser's mobile app, computer software, or remote control.

Computer Software Control
Mobile App Control

Wireless Freedom on Your Desktop
Built-in High-Speed Bluetooth for Seamless Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 technology supports wireless connections to various devices like speakers, headphones, keyboards, and controllers. Say goodbye to cumbersome wired connections and enjoy wireless freedom.

Seamless Wireless Internet Access
Dual-Band Wireless WiFi, eSports-Grade Network Card

The riser has built-in high-speed 1200Mbps WiFi, supporting hotspot functionality. Break free from wired constraints and enjoy wireless internet access.


Say Goodbye to Cable Clutter
Concealed Wiring Design

PCDock2 Monitor Stand features a hidden wire design, neatly organizing cables for a clean and orderly desktop.

*The back panel effortlessly stores desktop cables, creating a clean and tidy workspace.
*Internal data cables are uniformly gathered towards the back panel.
Disordered desktop Before Use
After Use Tidy and organized desktop

Elevate Desktop Aesthetics
Free Up Desktop Space, Escape the Chaos

The bottom of the riser provides additional storage space, accommodating peripherals like keyboards and mice. It can also showcase speakers, figurines, and decorations, adding uniqueness to the desktop.

Versatile Connectivity
Built-in High-Speed Ports for Various Needs

Equipped with built-in high-speed USB 3.2 expansion ports, including Type-C and USB-A interfaces, offering power supply and high-speed data transfer to meet diverse connection requirements.

Solid Wood Structure - Noble and Durable
Exquisite Wood, Uniform Color, Rich Hue

Crafted from 2cm solid wood, scratch-resistant and durable, the wooden structure enhances stability. Each piece of wood is meticulously processed to ensure high quality and longevity.

Made with imported ebony wood, each piece boasts unique textures. Crafted from 2cm thick solid wood, with meticulous detailing.

Perfect Fusion of Art and Functionality
Unique Biomimetic Design

Inspired by the prostrate legs of Egyptian sphinx statues, the design of the PCDock2 riser combines art and functionality, creating a product that is both practical and artistically valuable.

Product Packaging

Purchase Guide

Purchase Recommendations: For computer desks with a length between 1100mm and 900mm, we suggest choosing the PLUS model.
For computer desks with a length above 1200mm, we recommend selecting the MAX model.
The provided lengths are reference limits; actual choices should be based on the usage environment.

MAX Model Player's Return Image Reference

PLUS Model Player's Return Image Reference

Product Specifications

PRO With Bluetooth, WIFI Many high-end motherboards come with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Check if your motherboard already has them. If your motherboard has them, you don't need to choose the version with WiFi and Bluetooth. Other features remain the same.
PRO S Without Bluetooth, WIFI
Size MAX: 110cm*22cm*8.3cm
PLUS: 88cm*22cm*8.3cm
Wifi RTL8812CU
2.4GHz band 20MHz/40MHz bandwidth
5.8GHz band 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz bandwidth
Built-in dual 5-7dBi high-gain dual-frequency antennas
Bluetooth Built-in dual 5-7dBi high-gain dual-frequency antennas
Bluetooth 5.0 technology specification, 20m ultra-long transmission distance (unobstructed)
Stable and strong signal, fast response time, dual-mode, extremely low power consumption
Can simultaneously connect up to 10 devices without interference
Built-in 5-7dBi high-gain antennas
RGB Lighting Full-color mini wireless RF controller
Equipped with 14-key independent remote control and touch switch control: adjustable brightness, full-color light adjustment
Supports mobile app control
Supports computer software control
Supports automatic light-up with host startup
Supports automatic light-off with host shutdown
Supports adjusting various fixed color lights with the color palette
Supports breathing light adjustment and various scene settings
Supports custom compilation of various scene lighting effects
Supports automatic tracking of screen color changes
Supports flashing with the rhythm of music
USB Expansion Ports 160W High-End Version:
65W charging port x 1, Type-A USB 3.0 port x 2, Type-C USB 3.2 port x 2 Type-A USB 2.0 port x 4

Standard Version:
Side USB hub: Type-A USB 3.0 port x 2
Type-C USB 3.2 port x 2, supports keyboard, mouse, hard drive, U disk, and other peripherals
USB-A 3.0 transmission
5V2A fast charging
Included Accessories Remote control x 1, Full-PIN data cable (2 meters) x 1, User manual x 1
Compatible Devices Compatible with most display sizes, supports Windows OS and macOS